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Thu Apr 24 20:55:57 *
Rogerdad said:
how is yhe room susie spelled or suzie

Thu Apr 24 20:42:19 ~
Apache said:
 *cleans it up with a Swiffer*

Thu Apr 24 20:39:05 ~
titsi~ said:
 ~ passing through, leaving a little exhaust of classishness in my wake~

Thu Apr 24 20:32:13 ~
the King of Strange said to Emily(formerly):

Thu Apr 24 18:47:18 ~
the King of Strange said:
 Putting pine tar on my toast...

Thu Apr 24 17:02:22 ~
Master S'mores said:
 Putting pine tar on my posts for a ‘better grip’

Thu Apr 24 17:01:12 ~
Master S'mores said:
 I love flagging down the ice cream truck in my neighborhood. The driver always gets so excited until I ask if he sells hamburgers.

Thu Apr 24 17:00:13 ~
Anyone said:

Thu Apr 24 16:45:58 ~
Master S'mores said:
 Listing SOI on ebay with a starting price of $5.00

Thu Apr 24 16:40:25 ~
Master S'mores said:
 Working on a peace treaty between soi and jag

Thu Apr 24 16:39:37 ~
Master S'mores said:
 I wish titsi~ would stop bringing class to this chat room. We prefer keeping our standards as low as possible.

Thu Apr 24 16:00:39 ~
the King of Strange said:
 The joke's on him, it's mostly Fruit slaw.

Thu Apr 24 15:58:42 ~
the King of Strange said:
 Damn, the dog ate my vomit again! I was saving that for later.

Thu Apr 24 15:57:28 ~
the King of Strange said:
 When the Policemen say they are there to help you, they are lying.

Thu Apr 24 15:31:46 *
Visitor said:
the dog's a picky peter eater

Thu Apr 24 15:21:47 ~
Pepin said to the King of Strange :
 I've never been a picky eater.

Thu Apr 24 15:08:34 ~
the King of Strange said to Pepin:
 You'd eat Jacks flaps.

Thu Apr 24 13:19:02 ~
Pepin said to Vantage:
 Takes one and flaps a thank you,having always liked devil's food.

Thu Apr 24 13:11:52 ~
the King of Strange said to Vantage:
 Frosted with butter cream evil?

Thu Apr 24 13:03:10 *
Vantage said:

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