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Wed Apr 23 03:05:35 *
Xooxzz said:
zoom zoom.

Wed Apr 23 02:15:46 ~
Anyone said:

Tue Apr 22 23:05:41 *
Master Guitar7 said:
~Peekingin looking for a fun, sexy lady to chat with...grins~

Tue Apr 22 19:35:07 ~
Deckard said to Master S'mores:
 they might, it just never comes back

Tue Apr 22 19:11:44 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
Dude, you wanna come borrow the flashlight. I know how much you love it and I'm sure it'll give you a better time than that sorry little monkey doll. *grins*

Tue Apr 22 19:08:30 ~
the King of Strange said:
 Polishing the monkey, Rockford style.

Tue Apr 22 18:59:22 ~
the King of Strange said:
 *Burning a few tires in Celebration.

Tue Apr 22 18:38:59 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
* Bangs those two idiots heads together until they're both smarter than they were a minute ago and walks out *

Tue Apr 22 17:56:29 *
Visitor said:
Looks more like Fuck Your Sock Monkey Silly Day

Tue Apr 22 17:31:38 ~
Master S'mores said:
 People in felt houses never throw Velcro.

Tue Apr 22 17:18:14 ~
the King of Strange said:
 People in felt houses...

Tue Apr 22 17:17:51 ~
the King of Strange said:
 I think it's Yurt Day...

Tue Apr 22 17:04:39 ~
Master S'mores said:
 I finally found airline tickets to Hawaii I can afford Ė
$49 in Wheel Well class. Except we donít get any bags of peanuts.

Tue Apr 22 17:03:18 ~
Master S'mores said:
 I heard today was Urge Day.
Not sure what urges I might have,
but I guess I could indulge one or two.

Tue Apr 22 16:52:42 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
*pets snoopy on the head and pulls on the little red scarf a little*

Tue Apr 22 16:50:07 ~
Anyone said:

Tue Apr 22 16:19:49 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
* scratches behind the little kittys ear , then on both sides of its little neck, then down it's back*



Tue Apr 22 15:26:08 *
Visitor said:
Then KICKS Anyone!!!

Tue Apr 22 15:25:53 *
Visitor said:
KICKS the dog!!!

Tue Apr 22 15:24:53 ~
Anyone said:

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