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Fri Apr 18 23:41:09 *
Chimmeny Chonga said to titsi~:
Mmmmmmmmm. Ok, well goodnight titsi~ . I gotta turn this thing off and eat.

I do hope you have a good night - and dreams of happy things.

*leaves ya a hug and a kiss on the cheek*

Glad I got to see ya......

And is out with the night wind. :-)

Fri Apr 18 23:11:35 *
Chimmeny Chonga said to titsi~:
Yea. I've seen them. They seem pretty friendly.

Fri Apr 18 23:09:00 ~
titsi~ said to CC:
 Yep, two ruthless attack dogs. ~nods~

Fri Apr 18 23:04:06 *
Chimmeny Chonga said to titsi~:
*grins* Ohhhh it's ok. I'm cooking and, well I just blew up both of my cans of beans sooooooooooo looks like I have nothing else that will go with my chicken except for tomato soup. *shrugs in return* Thats life in the fast lane!

Sounds like you got a fun day planned. the pikachu costume sounds like a blast. I love doing dress up for little partys. *grins again*

I'm glad you got your keys back. I was worried they wouldn't find you! *nods* I almost brought them up but, well that was the second time I almost came up there and the first there was an angry man and you know, the killer attack dogs. *winks*

I'm putting my chicken on.

Fri Apr 18 22:56:24 ~
titsi~ said to CC:
 Keys yes. They came home.

Fri Apr 18 22:55:44 ~
titsi~ said to CC:

I dunno. Wandering downtown SLC to see if I can find some trouble I reckon. There's a Comic Con here, turns out. Maybe I can make a pikachu costume out of a shopping bag & crash it~

(Sorry for the lag~ some rti plus a trippy connexion)

Fri Apr 18 22:40:35 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
Did you ever get your keys back?

I'm tryin to get my fire in the bbq to work. The one in the house is going fine!

I think I may actually stay in town tomorrow. God knows I need a nice soft cosh bed and a good warm hot tub to soak in!

Fri Apr 18 22:37:21 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
*smiles* I just live in the cabin baby. *chuckles a bit atcha*

I'm just always BBQ ing is all...... We have prarie dogs out here but they usually hide all the time. *winks*

So whatcha dooin tomorrow?

Fri Apr 18 22:35:57 ~
titsi~ said to CC:
 Yeh it was fun. Had good weather. I saw prairie dogs today~ my first prairie dogs ever~

Fri Apr 18 22:34:56 ~
titsi~ said to CC:
 Are you always camping? Or just live in a cabin?

Fri Apr 18 22:33:54 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
Ahhhhh. Hotel sounds nice. That's kind of where I'm wishing I was at the moment. With a hot tub and ROOM SERVICE. *laughs*

Didja have fun?

Fri Apr 18 22:33:08 ~
titsi~ said:
 Not tonight, in a hotel in SLC~

Fri Apr 18 22:20:29 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
Are you still camping?

Fri Apr 18 22:20:12 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
*grins* I've noticed.

I chopped wood and made fire. *makes baboon nuises*

Fri Apr 18 22:19:01 ~
titsi~ said:
 I'm areligious, but I actually am a mormon cricket. All legs, & I don't chirrup much~

Fri Apr 18 21:54:11 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
That's funny Dude, they work fine for me. You oughta see this chick. She almost gives me a woodrow...... Im pretty sure she would in person. I'm gonna go grab some firewood. I'll be back in a few.

Fri Apr 18 21:47:42 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
You can try to copy and paste them. Dude. That is if you like looking at hot chicks. I really don't have enough extra time to figure out how to fix the point and click so copy and paste bro.

AND - prepositions with a conjunction and laughs AND I wasn't TRYING to insult you. Nor under any tense, except for the past tense did I say anything that may have been mis or otherwise construed as insulting. ;-)

Fri Apr 18 21:15:10 ~
Rude Dude said to Chimmeny Chonga :
Hmmmmm... I think you're trying to insult me under false pretenses...

Fri Apr 18 21:13:17 ~
Rude Dude said to Chimmeny Chonga :
None of your links work...

Fri Apr 18 19:51:35 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:

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