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Wed Apr 23 18:34:18 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
* waves *

* smiles *

* Kicks the Visitor *

* winks at ~ms mouse~ *

* tuggs on slutty 's chain *

* slaps the cigar out of the ashtray back in to Apache 's mouth *

* High Fives Snoopy *

* goes on about his business *

Wed Apr 23 17:22:50 ~
Apache said:

Wed Apr 23 16:19:05 *
Visitor said:
KICKS the dog

Wed Apr 23 16:13:20 ~
Anyone said:

Wed Apr 23 15:33:25 ~
~ms mouse~ said to slutty:
 ~gigglez an nodz~

Wed Apr 23 15:31:18 ~
slutty said to ~ms mouse~:
 waves. hump days are always happy days. lol

Wed Apr 23 15:28:53 ~
~ms mouse~ said:
 Happy Hump Day P/peepz!

Wed Apr 23 15:25:18 ~
slutty said:

Wed Apr 23 15:11:33 *
Emily(formerly) said to marie41:

Wed Apr 23 15:11:18 ~
marie41 said to Emily(formerly):
 Hi Em ~s~

Wed Apr 23 15:08:34 *
Emily(formerly) said:

Wed Apr 23 14:23:46 ~
the King of Strange said:
 Chapter one.
Fun with chocolate pudding and party balloons...

Wed Apr 23 14:22:45 ~
the King of Strange said:
 It's called a "Ball" python, because it likes the warm darkness of my trousers...

Wed Apr 23 14:08:33 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
*rubs Anyones head *


*spits on the Visitor *

God I love dooin that!

I want you to kick me... AND - I want you to do it in person.... AND - I want you to do it right away......


Pathetic little prick.

Wed Apr 23 12:31:14 ~
Troubador said:
 ~looks at the hot list and sighs~

so few people here anymore that I know... unless they are all in hiding...

Wed Apr 23 12:18:11 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:

*brushes himself off*

*pulls a loaded ACP from his shoulder holster*

*chambers a round*

*shoots the Visitor in the crotch three times*

*re holsters the gun*


We're gonna need someone to come drag this garbage off the floor and mop up my mess......

*exits stage right*

Wed Apr 23 12:07:11 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
*pulls out a razor sharp pocket knife then delicately slides it into his right ball, twisting a half turn to the left then removing it, wiping the blood off on his shorts*

Wow.... I'm enjoying this.

Wed Apr 23 12:05:52 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
*kicks him in the broken ribs a couple of times then knee drops on his head*

Wed Apr 23 12:01:02 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
*Takes a step back and crushes his chest with a hard right front kick, then stands over him and stomps on his face a couple of times*

*takes a deep breath*

Nothin like beating a little punks ass first thing in the morning to get you in a good mood for the day.

*grinds a heel into his neck*

Wed Apr 23 11:54:53 *
Chimmeny Chonga said:
*waves to snoopy*

* says fuckit and cracks the Visitor in the jaw with a huge right upper cut, then comes down on his right eye socket with a giant left hand and laughs as he hears his skull crack*

Ahhhhhhhh..... Feels good.

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